December 19, 2018


All In Retreat Life For Youth Camp

My first retreat was when I was 13 years old. It was called Whacky Wheels Weekend. It was rodeo meets go-carts. You worked as a team to win points all week by competing in races, decorating your go cart as well as traditional camp stuff like swimming, etc. 

It was at a retreat that I accepted Christ as my Savior and I have been serving Hum ever since. I understand the power of a well run retreat and have hosted all kinds of my own over the past 30 years of youth ministry. 

Today, I speak at retreats because I know some young people are going to find Jesus, grow in their faith, get to know their leaders and make a ton of friends. 

I especially love going back to the camp I received Christ at where I help organize retreats for Middle School and High School students (see picture above) 

If I can help you plan a retreat, speak at your retreat or both, I’d love to help. Send me a note and let’s have a great retreat. 

Here’s an excerpt from me speaking at a retreat in Gulf Shores