Preaching On Gideon

This past summer I felt lead to preach on Gideon. Gideon was a reluctant warrior but God coaxed him from being weak to a man of war. If I were to make a movie about Gideon, I might cast Seth Rogan. Seth Rogan is, in most of his movies, a bumbling slacker who wants to do right but is always dealt a bad hand.

As I crafted these messages, I saw more an more of myself in Gideon. I saw how many excuses I would make when God called upon me to do something. I saw myself as the guy who was dealt a bad hand, someone who wasn’t able to succeed because of these invisible forces.

Ultimately, and sadly, I saw the snarky bitterness of Gideon show up in me as well. Gideon challenged the angel about God and his miracles while completely denying Israel’s role in their own predicament. Yeah, that was me too.

Gideon taught me a lot about myself and was able to share that with these campers. The video is part one of the Gideon series. If you want to teach what I learned about Gideon, and myself, to your students; here’s a link to the series.

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