Keep Commissioning Your Students

We all need a refresher course in being commissioned. A commission must be received and committed to over and over again. Due to the pressures of life, we become forgetful that we are more than conquerors and have been placed on the earth with a purpose.

In my message to this youth group, (below) I remind students that everyone has a place in their youth ministry and in the world.

At the end of the service, I invited any students who wanted to be commissioned or re-commissioned to come up for prayer. Adult ministry leaders, whether they be Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, etc, need to remind students that they have a role.

In my message (24 min mark), I bring up the difference between a commissioned offer and non commissioned officers. I asked students what they thought the difference was between them and one student said, “One gets’ paid and the other does not?” Hilarious!

It just so happened, unbeknownst to me, that there was a commissioned officer and a NCO in the room, they were both volunteer youth leaders. The commissioned officer was commissioned with all the power and authority of the congress and signed by the president, the NCO had attained his rank through his local officers. Both are critically important to the mission and commission of protecting the United States from enemies foreign and domestic.

Simply stated, the commissioned officers are the planners and the NCO’s are the doers. Every student can accept one of those roles. They can help plan or they can help do or they can do both. That was my call to them, choose one and do it with all your might, for the sake of the gospel.

Peter, after knowing and following Jesus for three years, went back to fishing, until Jesus reminded him of what he was really called to do. Keep commissioning and re-commissioning your students, they’ll get it one day.

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