October 30, 2018


When I was a full time youth pastor, people would ask me, “Paul, when are you going to become a real pastor?” Have you been there? When I left full time youth pastoring, people would ask me, “So, are you quitting  to become a pastor?” Again, have you been there?

I could have been a senior pastor, and my life is not yet over so anything is possible, but it’s not for now. I’m still passionate about speaking to young people and watching them find a Christ who’s been looking for them all along.

So, why am I still passionate about youth ministry? Because youth ministry has a profound impact on me when I was a teenager. I had three great youth pastors growing up. 

Bill taught be to care and to invest relationally with young people.

Tom released in me my love learning and studying God’s word. He challenged me and allowed me borrow his books. 

Ed taught me to be “soul conscience” and the power of outreach. 

All have their place in my history. All of them got me to where I am. I coach youth workers to stay in ministry long to develop the skills needed to have that kind of impact.

When I speak at a camp or retreat, I’m believing that God wants to start a movement, not have a meeting. I’m talking about a mass movement, although that can happen, but the movement on one kid, like God started a movement in me those many years ago.

I’m as passionate as I have ever been to see God move in the lives of students and to see them make life long commitments to following Jesus.

Send me a message on how I can help start a movement in your youth ministry.