A Camp Speakers Inside Look At Making Youth Camp Services Successful

I’ve been speaking at the same camp for 17 years and have been communicating with teens for over 30. I’ve learned a few things about the process of speaking at camp to have maximum results. My process involves, but is not limited to, these twelve core tenets I try to practice when I speak. Set Read more about A Camp Speakers Inside Look At Making Youth Camp Services Successful[…]

Keep Commissioning Your Students

We all need a refresher course in being commissioned. A commission must be received and committed to over and over again. Due to the pressures of life, we become forgetful that we are more than conquerors and have been placed on the earth with a purpose. In my message to this youth group, (below) I Read more about Keep Commissioning Your Students[…]

Designing WOW! Into Your Camps and Retreats

What a tremendous time I had with the students of North Highlands Baptist Church. Our CLOSER weekend was designed around what every youth ministry wants; students getting closer to God and to each other. Some retreats focus on one of these aspects and hope for the best with the other. Each of these are important. Read more about Designing WOW! Into Your Camps and Retreats[…]

Frontline Youth Worker Conference

What an awesome time I had the Frontline Youth Worker Conference. My friend Short-Tee, Monica, and Larry Ragland all spoke and were able to out into those who attended. Big thanks also to Eric, who help in the planning process. Our theme for the conference was Boots On The Ground, and what I loved about Read more about Frontline Youth Worker Conference[…]

Quick Thinking Averted This Retreat Disaster

I believe in adding extra to any retreat. One of my favorite things to do is give out awards for winning teams, if there is a team element to the retreat. The retreat I just spoke at was no different. I had worked with some of the student ministry leaders to help formulate the retreat Read more about Quick Thinking Averted This Retreat Disaster[…]

5 New Years Resolutions Every Youth Pastor Should Consider

It’s that time of year, January one to be exact, when we get excited or anxious about making decisions on how we should be living our lives. These could be new resolutions or classics we couldn’t keep last year but want or need to make one more stab at. I’m not here to give advice Read more about 5 New Years Resolutions Every Youth Pastor Should Consider[…]

The Reckless Youth Worker

All hustle, no huddle that’s reckless – TEAM, Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed, BEAM, Magic and Bird I was listening to my most listened to tracks of 2018 on Spotify and the Andy Mineo/Wordsplayed track TEAM come up. Obviously it resonated with me, not just because of the sick beat but because of the message. You see, Read more about The Reckless Youth Worker[…]