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9 Essential Rules For Booking A Youth Camp Speaker

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It’s Not About Having A Great Meeting, It’s About Starting A Movement

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Who Is Paul Turner ?

And Why Is He So Passionate About Reaching Teens?

When I was 13 years old I moved to a strange town with just my mom and I. My dad had passed away a few years earlier. I was awkward as I could be and it was heard making friends until a s neighborhood kid invited me to camp one weekend. I went, and I discovered who Jesus Christ was and that He love me. After I received Christ, it was an uphill battle with temptation after temptation. I won some and lost some, but I kept going. I had three great youth pastors in my teen years and they all taught me the value of a good youth program. Fast forward 30 years, and here I am, still serving teenagers and youth workers. Isn't God good? Every time I speak I know their could be a broken and hurting kid in the room, just like me. If God can get a hold of my heart and transform me, He can do it for them. Who knows, maybe they'll grow up and be a Youth Pastor for 30 years and want to pass it on. When I speak to teens I don't just want to have a meeting, I want to start a movement.

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8 Qualities Teens Want In A Camp Speaker

Do you know what your kids want in camp speaker? I do. After twenty years of speaking at camps and retreats, I have done interviews with campers and captured the eight essential qualities teens most want in a camp speaker.

Grab this checklist before you book your next camp speaker.